Tuesday, 5 October 2010

DH's A5 Hampstead filofax

Hello fabulous ones!!
I hope you are all having a really lovely day :-) By now you must have realised that I have a bit of a thing obsession with filofaxes and I wanted to share with you how I found DH a use for one of my reject filofaxes. It was kindly given to me by DH's brother 2 years ago when I was showing off my personal Botanic (my first ever filo purchase see previous post here). My bro in law is a stickler for quality and was appalled by my 'cheap' fabric purchase. Anyways CP never says no to a freebie but alas I found the chocolate brown colour a bit too masculine for my liking. Poor Hampstead sat in a drawer for 2 years before I finally decided how he could be used (this filo is a definite he!)

Anyways I had a bit of a brain wave (this happens occasionally) when DH told me he would be starting his diploma course in teaching and learning in higher education which is mandatory for academic staff. I figured that DH likes chocolate brown; after all he has a chocolate brown jacket, a chocolate brown briefcase, chocolate brown shoes, a chocolate brown iPad leather case (and even a chocolate brown wife! hehe) so I figured the Hampstead would match perfectly. DH did not want to purchase any proper inserts for it (he is NOT hardcore like I am) so he made his own inserts using pages from an A5 notebook. It worked out really well. The one downside is that I did not check the pockets before handing it over to him and he then went and found a £10 note in one of the front pockets!!!! Which he refused to give me!! That was very annoying.........Humph!!

All of the diary inserts were removed (which dated from 2006) although the address pages are kept in index AB and the To Do lists in index CD. I couldnt bear to have 'fake' filo pages myself but have to admit that they dont look too bad!!!

Here are some of the pics
Front view

The leather is lovely!

Open view
Lies flat easily :-)

DH only writes on one page
 Notice the very handy 2 pen loops. All filos should have this!

Back cover

Mesh wallet is sooooo handy!
DH keeps 3 coloured pens in the back.

Back view
Leather has worn well.
So hurrah!! The Hampstead is now being used and it cost nothing really. I actually like the A5 size (although it would be too bulky for a work filo as it has to fit in my handbag). However this spurred me on to get this size for a Craft filofax (seen this referred to as a Craft-o-fax elsewhere in the blogging world). I got a good deal on an A5 raspberry Chameleon on eBay so look out for a future post on how I use it for Scrapbooking. My filofax collection is slowly increasing.......... (and DH finally spotted my new pocket Butterfly on the shelf). Oh dear!

Enjoy your day :-)


Jotje said...

Wow, the Hampstead looks so well-worn! Is this oiled or waxed leather, like the Kendal has? I also tried to motivate my DH to use a Filofax. He found the Personal sized to big, so I got him a nice black Piazza Pocket. So far it only adds to my work load, as this is yet another planner I have to maintain and update *roll eyes*. That'll teach me!

caribbean princess said...

I think it is oiled leather. My DH is not very keen on using filofaxes either! He really should use a calendar as he has mixed up appointments several times resulting in cancellation of appointments/double booking but he still will NOT admit to this!humph!
very funny with respect to your DH:-) men! at least you got to add 2 more filos to your lovely collection!

imperial student said...

I agree with the two penloops thing!! I could really do with two at the moment as wel as I'm doing so much colour coding.

Also, I would love to try out the A5 size, however, what worries me is that it may be too big to carry around everywhere. It would be ideal as I'm finding the personal sized a bit cramped at the moment, but I'm sure my life won't be so busy in the coming months as everything settles!

caribbean princess said...

I think if you manage to get the A5 as a gift (as I am aware you are not buying anything til next year as part of your shopping challenge) you would probably enjoy it. If your schedule is going to get much less busy you may not need it but then you can always use it as a notebook for special projects....like learning Mandarin ;-)

aspiretobe337604 said...

Oh! Lovely Lovely Lovely Hampstead!!! I love well-used well-loved items like this. I hope your DH is finding it useful!

I came to this particular post via the Philofaxy (http://tinyurl.com/24vpe5a) reference to it. I don't know how I missed it!

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