Monday, 25 October 2010

The Incredible iPad: Part one

Good morning everyone
Another wonderful Monday is with us and to open the week I am finally going to review one of my most loved gadgets........ my iPad. Back in my very first post (here) I mentioned how much I enjoyed my Apple gadgets (although the rest of my family are BlackBerry fans). I decided DH was the one for me when his first ever present was an iPod (I kid you not, I remember thinking here is someone who understands me, finally! It was love at first sight between me and the iPod.......although love happened more gradually with DH! hehe) Back in September when I first got it, it could have been thought of as just another shiny new toy, a wonder gadget that to be honest was simply just cool.......... But now that I have owned it for about 2 months, the honeymoon period is definitely over and I have to admit, I love it even more!! Here is a practical review of my iPad (note I will be focussing on the positives of the device).

The specs
DH and I bought them while we were in Singapore for a good deal compared to market prices in the UK. We were supposed to be going on a romantic getaway to Malaysia that I had started planning to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. Then I decided 'you know what, forget the romantic holiday, I really want an iPad'. It should come as no surprise dear readers that DH readily agreed! Anyways I got myself the cheapest version (I needed to have money left over for handbag and gift shopping) and went for the 16GB version Wifi only as I already have 3G on my iPhone. DH maxed out and went for the 64 GB Wifi version but he is usually quite frugal so I didnt mind :-) Plus you know boys and their toys!

The screen is simply amazing, well to be exact its 9.7 inch LED backlit IPS display is wonderful! (I am such a geek, for an explanation of what I am talking about see here). This gives the iPad an impressive viewing angle so that the device can be held in a variety of different ways without viewing angle issues....... It also means that you can have a quick nosy if the person next to you is using it on a train! Browsing the web is fantastic and a real pleasure as the images are so crisp. As with other Apple products, navigating on the touch screen is so easy and browsing the web or using your apps is usually just one click away. This is how I use it for work...........

To justify the spend (and lessen my guilt) I had to be sure it would be useful for work. I have copies of all my important documents, including the oh so very important paperwork for my competency based progression through specialist training i.e. residency in Public Health (all the learning outcomes, workplace activity record sheets and activity summary sheets, as well as academic and educational supervisor reports), all of my academic outputs (presentations, seminars and papers) for the last 2 years as well as my health protection on call pack. The latter is one of the most useful features as if I had to print out everything in the pack it would be 2-3 folders thick and not very portable. This allows me to have immediate access to guidelines, policies, questionnaires, you name it, wherever I am which is so helpful as I commute long distances by public transport. I plan on adding all of the power point slides and handouts for my teaching sessions as well as papers relevant to my PhD when I start this in January.

The work applications (apps) I use are

Notes- good for scribbled reminders
Math sheet and Big calculator- scientific calculators
DocsToGo- allows me to edit word and excel documents as well as power point presentations
Doc Reader- opens pdfs and power point. I keep relevant pdfs of papers for my research here
Good Reader- my favourite work app as I can store entire folders such as my on call pack and academic outputs on this app.

You may have noted that I do not use the Calendar app. This is because I have my trusted Adelphi filofax (see here) for that purpose and no gadget, no matter how snazzy will beat pen and paper for keeping me organised! Ode to Filofax. Anyways here are some pics.

Photo stream
Front cover in purple of course :-) Got the case from Amazon for £8!!
So very useful especially on the train
Folds up in a compact way to go in my handbag
My display screen
My home screen

Slides from Surveillance presentation

Meningitis guidelines only one click away

My Adelphi filofax and iPad are a winning combination for work!
I love the matching covers!

Now all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so tune in to my next post for Part 2, where I will share with you how I use my iPad for fun (much more interesting I promise!)

I hope this has given you some inspiration for Monday :-) If you have one please share with everyone how you use it by commenting. I am always on the lookout for useful ideas.


Steve said...

Can I ask a question... As you have a 16 GB and a 64GB to compare. Do you find the 16 GB restricting in any way on the storage front?

I've actually used an iPad for a brief time and I found it good in being able to touch type on it in landscape mode with good accuracy, not so good in portrait. But very impressive.


caribbean princess said...

So far I have not run into problems with my 16GB. I think it is ok once you dont put your entire music library on it :-) With 16GB the actual capacity is about 14GB. Even with all the apps I described in the posts, the most important work folders and 100 songs I still have 12.4GB available. You could always play it safe and get the 32GB. It is extremely useful and neither DH or I regret getting it.

Steve said...

Thanks for that. I'm trying to make my mind up about my next gadget purchase... an iPod Touch is slightly higher on the list at the moment as I have a netbook already

caribbean princess said...

If you already own a netbook, I agree that the iPad may not be that useful. I only ever use my laptop for work now. Hope you enjoy your iPod touch when you get it!

AspireToBe337604 said...

I own the 32gb iPad (since May 2010). I found that I am using it for mostly e-books (800 plus books on a combination of kindle app, nook (barnes & noble) app, ereader app, stanza/fictionwise app). All my music is on a 160gb classic iPod (2nd gen) while another 160gb classic iPod (1st gen) holds all my audiobooks ( My (2nd gen) iTouch is pretty much an exact replica of my iPad housing the same apps and all the same e-books. I still use my laptop during the day for websurfing, e-shopping and reading blogs, etc., but once in bed, the iPad is very handy! And of course, there is the filofax/agenda for handwritten ME & MINE - Journal entries (now where did I get the idea for that? Philofaxy, of course!) ....!

P.S. Love your purple cover!

caribbean princess said...

Thanks for sharing how you use your iPad Aspire :-) I think you are even more of an Apple fan than I am! I agree the iPad is so handy for lazy browsing in bed (also very dangerous for internet shopping!)

You are right that nothing beats the good old filofax for handwritten stuff.......

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