Sunday, 10 October 2010

My scrapbooking planner: Craft-o-fax Domino filofax

Now I believe that in order to start a new hobby and do it properly, you need to be organised........ You dont want to fail at the first hurdle and it has to become incorporated into your life as easily as possible so that you continue to do it. Being a scientist, I began to feel that I needed to start doing something creative. I am not very artistic and can be dangerous with sharp tools so I needed something simple. I realised from creating my portfolio of evidence for my yearly performance review in public health that I liked sticking things. I decorated my portfolio with loads of different coloured sticky labels and had loads of fun doing this. This may not have looked very serious to the powers that be, although fortunately for me they were interested in the content (although I have to admit I was more interested in how pretty it looked!!)

So to help me be a successful scrapbooker I decided I needed a planner. I saw that someone else had done this while coining the term Craft-o-fax (see here) so I thought I could do something similar. I ordered what I thought would be an A5 Chameleon for this endeavour from ebay for what appeared to be a steal of a deal. However what is too good to be true often is a lie and so I was disappointed when a Personal Chameleon turned up instead (seems the seller had mislabelled it). I decided to keep the Chameleon (it was beautiful......... and had pastel coloured inserts so I just couldnt part with it). But I was in dilemma. Fortunately I decided to solve this by getting a less pricey A5 Domino which in hindsight turned out to be excellent as it is quite light and the elastic band means I can stick lots of stuff in there!

I wanted special inserts for my planner and solved this by getting inserts from Willow Tree Crafts here which fit the A5 filofax perfectly. I got the bubblegum scrapbooking planner kit (£24.99) but I should have really just got the refill pack (£12.99) as I really dislike the quality of the planner they supply you with (it is not leather and feels really cheap). They also do Christmas 2010 planner downloads which seem really nice and are a steal at £3.99!!! Anyways all is not lost with their planner which I use for storing the extra pages so my Domino is not too unwieldly.

So here are pictures of my Craft-o-Fax

Front view

Outside front cover- Photo pack is sticking out

Inside front cover

Useful information to hand

I store my loyalty card (if you do 6 crops you get one free), a purple pen, payment information for ordering the scrapbooking kits, a little notebook for writing down tips from the ladies and a craft superstore pamphlet.

Here you can see the 2nd pen loop (with a pink pen of course!), the dates of the next crops, times, costs. This is written on one of the undated diary pages from the Willow Tree crafts website. The indexes are labelled diary, sketch, journal, to do and ideas. The kit instructions are also kept in separate tabs.

Filofax Week on 2 pages diary

This came supplied with the filofax. I probably dont need all that space but it is useful to see that the A5 Week on 2 pages diary has a space at the top for notes and equal sized spaces for Saturdays and Sundays.

Sketch page with page maps

Showing the lovely little sketch caption on the sketch pages

Journaling page

I use the journaling page to make notes based on emails from the woman who leads the group.

To do pages

Ideas pages

Instructions for each kit
I will need to use the alphabet index tabs as the number of kit instructions grows. Also I will need to get an A5 hole punch.

Inside Back cover

The Domino comes with a to do list and a notepad which I have not used as yet.

Back closed

And here are some pics of the Willow Tree Craft scrapbooking planner

Bubblegum pink

It is a lovely bright colour and may be totally acceptable for some people but I am very tactile and as I said earlier I dont like the feel of the material. Other available colours are turquoise blue, lime green and red.

I just use it to store all the extra pages so Domino does not become too bulky.

So I hope you enjoyed browsing through my Craft-o-Fax and I look forward to sharing further pictures as I personalise it further.

Have a lovely Sunday! PS the results of the Royal Giveaway will be posted on Tuesday 12th October :-)


Jotje said...

Wow, what a wonderful idea! I'm particularly interested in those scrapbook pages. Do they also come in different sizes, like personal? One advice on the punch: try to get one with adjustable holes, so that you'll be able to use it for Pocket, Personal AND A5 Filofax pages!

Where are the pics of the Chameleon BTW??? ;-)

caribbean princess said...

Thanks :-)
The pages are lovely! As far as I know they come in A5 only (look for the link within the post after willow tree crafts). The website has a contact us page so you can leave a message with your details to ask if they would do personal sizes. It is a great idea and they could potentially earn a lot of money.
I promise to post pics of the Chameleon next week. I try to limit myself to only one filo post a week or my blog would turn into philofaxy! I indulge myself by reading theirs instead :-)

caribbean princess said...

Actually Jotje I have now realised that if you register with them (and have ordered a planner) you can see even more goodies which includes download files for personal size filofaxes including a write pack and design pack. I had not noticed this before so I am really glad you asked the question as this may now provide the pages for my personal chameleon and finsbury projects.

kanalt said...

Wow! That's great. I thought about making my planner into a sort of scrapbook - buying stickers and such to place on special days or next to events scheduled in my Filofax. I have yet to do this - maybe it's something I'll think about for 2011...

caribbean princess said...

Oh you should definitely pretty up your planner. Everytime you open it you will smile. It will be worth it!

Izzie said...

I love these Scrapbooking Planner Pages, but WTC do not ship to international addresses :( Maybe I can find something similar here in Germany, but I don't think that is possible...

caribbean princess said...

Izzie if you sign up to their website, you can get a download of some of the inserts for their Scrapbooking size planners. That may be an option for you as you should be able to download from anywhere. The only thing is that you would have to print it yourself.

aspiretobe337604 said...

Oh, CP! This is wonderful! So creative! So colorful! and Organized! Makes me wish I had some teeny-tiny bit of creativity in me .... Not to be so I will vicariously enjoy all your artful creative endeavors!

Okay, I don't know how I missed this blog entry. I must've found you after October because I missed your DH's Hampstead blog post, too. Now will have to go browse your blog archives to see what other goodies I've missed!

Anonymous said...

Nice and thanks!

laura jane said...

Very inspirational! I have been meaning to start up a binder just like this, and thought the Domino would be perfect as it is light and can hold so many pages. Just trying to find a good deal on eBay now. Thank you for your post!

caribbean princess said...

Laura Jane thanks and glad you found it helpful. Good luck with finding your Domino.

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