Thursday, 16 June 2011

Six reasons why.......I am smiling today!

Lovely people, I have just realised that it has been more than a month since I did one of these posts! There have been lots of things making me smile in that time so this post is long overdue! Here are the six wonderful reasons that I am smiling today. I hope you enjoy them!

My PhD. I am finally doing this full time so I no longer have to fit it in around my previous public health job. Yay! I have a lot to learn and the learning curve is steep but I am enjoying the thrill of stretching my brain to the limit. Some days I am so engrossed in what I am doing that 5 pm arrives and I have to scramble to catch my bus to get to the train on time! I AM LOVING IT! It is something I always wanted to do! It really is my passion.

Teaching. I had my first ever tutorial group for epidemiology last year where I was responsible for 13 first year medical students. I was very pleased to know that my epi 'babies' were the highest performing group in that subject in their end of year exams. They gave me great feedback too. :-) 

Reading the Happiness Project. I joined a lovely little facebook group based on Gretchen Rubins' The Happiness Project. The book cost me nothing as I still have the Waterstone's gift card I won for best poster and abstract at a conference last year. I am in no rush to read it in its entirety. However I have decided to start with the chapters for March- Aim Higher and July- Buy some happiness. I even have a lovely new A5 filofax that I am using for the project (using the last of my 'treat' money for June before I start the big no shopping challenge!) I hope to share pictures of this soon!

Skype. I can't believe that I only started using Skype late last year. It really is the best thing since sliced bread! I use video skype with my parents in Trinidad and it makes me feel as though they are with me. It brings me so much joy to see their faces when I am talking to them :-) Last week I chatted with my oldest niece and it was great to hear her little voice. There is also a great Philofaxy Skype group which I would recommend joining if you are a fan of filofaxes like me!

The response to the proposed no shopping challenge! I am so overwhelmed by the enthusiasm you guys have shown for this challenge based on my money themed 30 days of truth posts. I am working on creating something fabulous ;-) so look out for the official launch post on the last Sunday in June. 

You guys. In the last few weeks I have received lovely, supportive emails from several of you which have really touched me. I really enjoy blogging and connecting with people and building a community are just a couple of the reasons why I blog (you can read all in these two posts). I don't want to sound cheesy (heck I am cheesy! hehe) but blogging and connecting with you all has really changed my life for the better. I hope that my writing has positively impacted on yours too.

So wonderful people, is there anything in your life that has been making you smile lately? Or anyone that deserves a special 'shout out' for some act of kindness or generosity? Please share in the comments and as usual.......

Have a marvellous day!  

P.S. I just wanted to mention one of my lovely readers who I know will definitely be smiling today! I would like to congratulate Alannarama on her well deserved success in her final year medical exams :-)  Well done Dr Alannarama!    


Priyanka said...

Love doing posts like these on my blog and also love reading what makes other smile and be happy. I was watching 27 dresses and when Katherine Heigl loses her filofax and mentions about it, I was thinking of you.

Rori said...

Now I have another reason to smile today, your blog post!
Happy for you that things are going well!
UH OH, NEW FILOFAX??? A5 Malden??? Can't wait to see..

Steve said...

I'm smiling because it's raining! It's been threatening all week, but just staying hot and humid... not nice.

Alannarama said...

Heehee thanks again!

I loved your first two points especially - I still don't know what speciality I want to work in, but if I find a job I enjoy as much as you love yours I'll be well sorted :D

(Also I wish we'd had you for 2nd year epidemiology because our course and tutors were NOT FUN!)

Denise said...

I am smiling because the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the dogs are playing happily in the garden and life is good. Oh, and I've just read your lovely blog post which definitely made me smile :-)

Belly B said...

Aww these made me smile too :) I'm smiling because I just found your blog! :)

<3 Belly B

Imy said...

I loved that post, and at the moment the things that are making me smile are: -

You and your blog, your always so lovely and such a lovely person

All the AMAZING filofax people i have been chatting to recently, i feel really at home talking to all of you! :-) Its so nice for people not to think im mad!

The post on Philofaxy Steve posted this morning, well its not making me smile its making me laugh my head off!

The fact my Chatimal Meerkat arrived! (I got it free with my stationery order) you tell him something and he says the same back, just like when I'm typing he is making a typing noise, oh he is cute! Haven’t given him a name yet tho!

Zelda has been shipped which comes out tomorrow I believe so I will be playing games tomorrow night until Saturday morning hehe!!!

Its nearly my birthday! And I'm very excited about that, its nice to dream

Even though I have only done 2 blog posts I feel all excited about it and want to do more!

I am spending the day with my mother to plan my birthday

And the sun has just come out after all that rain!

My boyfriend told me he has a great idea of something to get for my birthday and finally….

I'm soooo excited about going to Neal Street and getting help choosing a Filofax from Dee

There is loads more but I think I have filled up your comments page enough with all that!!!

Thank you CP for being amazing and having a great blog to read! xxx said...

What a lovely positive post. Your posts always make me feel more happy :)

Angeliki said...

Congrats to Alannarama!

Many lovely things made you smile!

Today, I was working from home and when I was tired of statistics a made a nice cup of tea and read your blog while listening to the rain outside and this made me smile. The small joys in life!

caribbean princess said...

Priyanka I love 27 dresses. I will have to watch that dvd again. I felt special that you were thinking of me ;-)

Rori you will have to wait and see but I am glad the post made you smile.

Alannarama I am so proud of you. Finals are the biggest exams in your life. I don't think my two membership exams was any worse than finals. There is a lot of choice in medicine so I hope you do find an area that you can be passionate about. I had some really bad epidemiology lecturers in my lifetime too. Such a shame as it is an extremely interesting area.

Yay Denise, you paint such an idyllic picture but you have not mentioned your horses. They are beautiful.

Awww Belly B thanks. I checked out your blog too very quickly on the train home and it looked great. I saw from your about page that you have 2 so lots for me to look forward to on the weekend.

caribbean princess said...

Imy I am thrilled that you have so many things making you smile. And so you should! I am excited for your birthday and can't wait to see what your friends and family treat you to. You should post about you Meerkat on your blog.I am not familiar with it at all. And I am greedy so Ilove your videos and your blog posts.I want them all!! Muhahahahahahahahhahaha!

Nicnotebook. I am very pleased that my posts make you happy.Although I can post about serious things(and I do in my 30 days of truth posts) I want this blog to be a positive space and focus on what's good in our world! It's just like what you do when you share about your wonderful dogs and your life on your blog. It gives me a peek into your life and as I have no pets I get to oooh and ahh about all the clever things your dogs can do :-)

Angeliki I wished I could have come and joined you today. I had a very intense project meeting today and had more fun with stata but it's all good. I am glad you had a lovely day :-)

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Warm congratulations to the lovely Alannarama! So sweet of you to share the reasons why you are smiling, my lovely. Am smiling because I'm painting with colour today;-)

ARIANA and Colin said...

my personal reason to smile today (and jump out of joy) is that i have a full night sleep , and my husband did ( he suffers from PTSD) - SO YES -today is the good day xxx

caribbean princess said...

Fashion, what are you painting? Do you do portraits, landscapes, abstract? I am keen to know and you are a woman of many talents!

Ariana well done on getting some sleep. I am sorry your husband suffers from PTSD but I am glad that both of you were able to get some good rest. Hope he is getting the proper care for it. The light mornings are affecting my sleep big time so I am sleeping with a mask to try to improve this. And my DH snores (and denies it!) Hope you have many more sleep filled nights!

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