Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Je t'aime la France part 2:Thouars

Hello folks
I hope you have enjoyed my previous post on Paris. As promised here is the second part which will focus on the time we spent with Steve and Alison at their lovely home in Thouars, France. We had lots of lovely conversation and food (home cooked and at a very special restaurant), visited some amazing chateaus, met George the cat who seemed more afraid of me than I was of him (I am not a cat person) and had a dip in the pool (well I mainly sat on the steps in the pool as I cannot swim!) DH also did some wine tasting and I saw grape vines for the first time! I was so excited that I had to get a picture next to one. I also ate a couple of grapes which was rather naughty as they were not mine. To be honest we were both really sad to leave but we had to get back to our hectic lives. And poor DH had basically lived out of a suitcase for almost a month. However visiting Thouars really added an extra 'something' to our trip and I shall say thanks again to Alison and Steve for their kindness, generosity and hospitality!

But enough blabbing from me. Here are some more photos, together with some commentary. 

We visited the Chateau de Breze in Saumur on Day 5 of our trip. I love historic homes and architecture. However I was amazed by how different the Chateaus were from castles and stately homes in the UK. The most impressive thing about this Chateau was the huge underground and the depth of the moat. The heart of the original underground dwelling is 9m below the courtyard and is an example of a troglodyte dwelling (home carved out of rock). You can read more about them here

Chateau de Breze.



Look at how deep!
Close up of the architectural details. 

Troglodyte dwellings.

Dovecote ceiling.



Checking the grapes.

Dinner at the Logis de Pompis
I had the best restaurant meal of the trip at this restaurant gastronomique. It was truly sensational! Although we could not decipher most of the menu as it was sooooo different (even with Alison's expert knowledge of French), everything turned out to be so delicious. And it was the first time in my life that I had my main course presented to me in a cloche (and I will admit that I have attended a lot of posh dinners in the UK). Now I have really high expectations. Oh dear!
From L to R Alison, Steve, Myself and DH.

A quick trip to Saumur before we head back to the airport hotel
Alas, soon it was the end of our trip. On the way back to the rail station we had a quick walk around Saumur's chateau and a late lunch in the town. I was sad to say goodbye :-(  Please ignore the fact I am smiling in the picture.
DH and me. 
I hope you enjoyed the photos. It was a very memorable trip and a great way to celebrate 4 years of marriage. I doubt I will plan something big to celebrate the 5th year of wedded bliss but I am always allowed to change my mind!

Do you have any favourite historical buildings or types of architecture? Where were these places located? Please share in the comments.

Take care :-)


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Wonderful trip for your four year anniversary, island goddess. You are positively radiant in that dress, and I adore the ceiling detail and the vineyards above.
Don't worry about being unable to swim; that's a Caribbean thing;-)

trininista said...

Really lovely. I will remember to check it out on my next visit to France.

Nailophilia said...

A refreshingly different perspective of France. NICE!!!

Alison said...

It was a joy having you and your DH staying with us!

I did a 'crossover' post at http://alison-morton.com/blog/2011/09/14/friends-tweeters-countrymen/ (You'll need to scroll down)

caribbean princess said...

Fashion people always comment when they realise I cannot swim. I try to explain that it is the norm in Trinidad! Sigh.

Thanks Trinista I hope you are safely back home now. Enjoy the sunshine for me.

Thanks Nailophilia. Glad you enjoyed it.

Alison I am experiencing France withdrawal but at least I have some happy memories! :-) Thanks to you and Steve!

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