Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Trust me: you NEED a Kindle!

OK so I was very, very late with respect to jumping on the Kindle bandwagon. According to the diffusion of innovations theory (for some business speak- I had to learn such nonsense for one of my public health membership exams) I would not even be in the late majority, I would be a laggard. To be honest I kind of looked down on the Kindle. I mean I was an early iPad owner for heaven's sake. But after all of your helpful comments on this post, I relented. And I allowed DH to purchase one for me as a Christmas gift. And of course I absolutely LOVE it!!! It is not an iPad. So even though I got the wi fi and 3G version with keyboard (as pictured in the image), it would be way to clunky to use for internet browsing. But that is not its purpose. The Kindle is simply about reading books. And in that purpose it excels. There is simply nothing better! 

I have always been an avid reader and the Kindle has made my dreary and long commute so much better. On most days I almost miss my stop as I am so engrossed in the story that I am reading. Time just melts away. And I am actually a bit sad when I actually get into work or reach home as I have to put my Kindle away then :-( DH has never had so much time where I am not harrassing him for the sake of it. And my newfound love of the Kindle may explain why I have no time to set up my filofax. But I am loving it. And you will love it. So if you only purchase one bit of tech this year, make it a Kindle.

Loads of people have done excellent reviews. So for those who still need convincing I have listed them here:

And I bought this cover as recommended here 

If anyone has links to any other excellent Kindle reviews please share in the comments. Enjoy your day!


pavani reddy said...

me busy with academic books right now..will buy it sometime in future...nice blog cp...

Alison Reeves said...

It's funny you should mention this as I was toying with the idea of having one for my birthday, despite having an iPad with a kindle app. What exactly are the top benefits of having a separate one? Bearing in mind I don't commute, so just being smaller is probably not so critical for me.

Angeliki said...

Yay! for another Kindle convert :) I knew you would have loved it, especially in the long commutes! By the way, I now have to commute to London, so I feel your pain.

Oh! and be careful not to squeeze its screen in your bag, it's too sensitive.

Amanda (from Paper, Pens and Ink) said...

I'm even later than you in getting mine!! But I too love it. I did a small post about it here:

I am loving the built-in dictionary, especially as I am reading a Dickens on it. Even the archaic words are there! I'm also loving all the free little things (like an introduction to meditation for example) which I'm enjoying reading while I wait for something.

Glad you love yours too!

Ro said...

Welcome to the Cult of Kindle. We are happy to have you join us! ;)

caribbean princess said...

Thanks Pavani. Good luck with your studies.

Alison it makes a big difference. The kindle is smaller and more comfortable to hold. But the screen is the biggest difference. The kindle is set up for reading. I find the glare on the iPad distracting and cannot spend hours just reading on it. Plus I am always tempted to browse the internet!

caribbean princess said...

Angeliki I am definitely a convert! I have a lovely case which keeps it secure. It fits nicely in my roomy Bays and doesn't add that much weight to it. I really do carry my life in my handbag.

Thanks for sharing your link Amanda. I will have to download all the classics as well.

:-) Ro if you are a member then I am very happy to join this cult!

LJ said...

Yay!!! Glad you're loving it as much as I love mine. My iPad is great, but when you work on a computer all day the last thing your eyes want or need is to be reading books on the iPad, but the Kindle... wonderful, no glare, no stress - the only thing missing is the smell of paper, but I can live with that :o)

Millie said...

I'm one of those annoying people that have to have new technology as soon as it comes out (it's a hobby, honest!), so I'm not late to the Kindle. However, I cannot sing its praises enough! It makes reading so easy - it's all about the text, and not about how heavy the book might be, how small the font might be, etc.

Alison - there's not really a comparison between the iPad and the Kindle. It's like comparing a car with a lorry: they're designed for different things. Personally, I use my Kindle more than the Kindle app on the iPad. The screen is easier on your eyes, and the Kindle is lighter (good for lying in bed). Like CP, I own both and I'm happy with both as they do different things.

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