Monday, 6 February 2012

Feeling dotty :-)

Ok so I promised I would go back to regular posts this week. But then I got so many lovely emails from readers saying how much they were enjoying the outfit posts. Especially as it is winter. And it is cold and dreary and miserable outside. And as you know I am no fan of winter. I want to go under my duvet cover and sleep until May. Or whenever the sun decides to shine properly. So that I can actually feel its heat. But these posts are cheering me up too. They are making me smile and do a happy dance. Even when I am so ridiculously busy at work that I want to clone myself. Or scream. So for the moment I shall continue with these fashion posts while keeping a list of ideas for my regular kinds of posts. OK? It is helping to keep me sane.

So I had to make a visit to my high commission last Thursday to get my Trinidadian passport renewed. Now if you know anything about my country you will understand why something as simple as that had to turn into an adventure of epic proportions. Anyways to calm myself down and recover from the stress I popped into H&M for some quick therapy before I got on the tube. And I rewarded myself with this dotty little pencil skirt! I hope you like the pictures (with Carbotti and Mulberry Bags).

I think smooth black leather goes better than croc print so I would use my black NVT Bays instead of the little East West. The black Carbotti is currently for sale.
Outfit details
Skirt (H&M)- available in store
Shoes (M&S)- no longer available
Red Beret- bought online from Amazon
Bag (Carbotti)- available here
Bag (Mulberry East West Bayswater)

Would you wear polka dots? Please share in the comments and have a great day.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Excellent. I adore the colour at the head and your skirt. Love the introduction of the belt too. xx

Tanvi said...

Those colors are simply amazing. Perfect for dull winters! :)

♡ from ©

caribbean princess said...

Thanks Fashion :-) although I do use black hats for the rest of the week to keep my head warm.

Thanks Tanvi. I like to accessorize with red. It cheers me up in winter.

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