Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday simplicity

This week is going to be busy! I am in London for a course which means I will have to face the underground at rush hour! Eeeeek! I am having palpitations just thinking about it. So today's outfit is very simple. I would wear it to work and not feel out of place, although I added a little bit of leopard print to spice things up. Also I wanted to showcase the size of the Carbotti Leather Satchel in Honey based on a request. Please note that it is not as tan/camel as my Oak Bays. Here are the photos. 

Outfit details
Dress (H&M)- no longer available
Shoes (Asos)- no longer available
Bag (Carbotti)- available here
Bag (Mulberry Oak Bayswater)

How do you wear leopard print? Please share in the comments. And I hope you have a restful Sunday.... unlike me!

P.S. Have a look at the Shop for some Valentine's day goodies that can last all year round :-)


TheProDiva said...

Love the dress. Love the belt. Love the purse! Your look is a complete win CP! Love that you are showcasing your business wears!

Tanvi said...

Love the dress on you! So pretty you look!

♡ from ©

caribbean princess said...

Thanks ProDiva and Tanvi. My work environment is very casual now as I am a PhD student and academics in the UK are extremely casual!

Anita said...

Very classy! I recently bought a leopard print fleece hoodie, but have never owned any animal print before. I've been wearing it with a very plain outfit & been able to wear a thinner coat as it's very warm. It took me a while to decide I actually like it, but it's a bit of fun, very soft & warm too :)

caribbean princess said...

Good on you Anita for trying something out of your comfort zone and loving it! I like a little bit of leopard, so go for belt or clutch or shoes. Really wanted a scarf but didn't really get one that suited me. Hope your leopard continues to keep you warm :-)

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