Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ten tips for selling on evil.... sorry eBay! Part 2

Hi lovelies. Are you ready to make money today? Here are the last 5 tips for selling on eBay! Part 1, with the first 5 tips can be found here

5. Choose the type of postage. For designer items I would use special delivery so that I had enough insurance and because it is the safest form of postage. For international items I used Royal Mail's Airsure. For the minimum use Royal Mail 1st class recorded. Always make sure the item will be signed for and that you can provide a tracking number! I cannot highlight how important it is to ensure things are tracked. There are many unscrupulous people out there. Get proof of DELIVERY!

4. Get your timing right. I prefer to have auctions end on Sunday evening between 8 and 10 pm so I would list the previous Sunday using a 7 day listing. With my more recent sales I didn't necessarily stick to this. However it makes no sense for your auction to end on Wed morning at 3 am!!

3. Make use of eBay's free insertion fees weekends. I think eBay is a bit greedy. They have cornered the market and they have just raised the amount of fees that they can take to 10% of £750 as the sale price, up from a maximum of 10% of £400. Of course they take PayPal fees as well (3% of sale price). However they do offer a lot of security and at the moment I can't think of a better website to use. 

2. Package securely for postage. Use a box or a proper courier bag so that your items don't get damaged in transit. Do not scrimp on this as you may end up with an unhappy buyer returning a damaged item that means more stress for you.

1. Don't complete transactions outside of eBay and PayPal. Again there are some very dodgy, unscrupulous people on this planet. If someone wants to collect your item in person DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL, make sure you take cash!! This is because they can do a chargeback on paypal and without proof of delivery you cannot prove you actually gave them the item. People may also contact you trying to knock down prices, or deliver to a country/address which is different from their ebay or paypal account. Beware of the eBay scammers. I prefer to get hit by ebay's fees than to get scammed! Using ebay and paypal gives the buyer and the seller protection. 

OK so do you have any more tips for selling on eBay? Please feel free to share in the comments. have a wonderful day!

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Imy said...

Thank you very much Kyla I am going to list my LV on sunday morning and schedule it to start in the evening :)

I hope you have an amazing holiday I CANNOT WAIT to see you again soon :D

Imy xxx

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